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Occupational Therapy:


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Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Blue Cross Blue Shield

Q&A: Feature
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Q- How do I get started?

A-Please complete the intake documents here.

Once all documents are complete, a member of our team will call to answer any questions and initiate services. 

Q- Do you accept MassHealth?

  • Unfortunately, No. 

Q-How long are evaluations?

A-Evaluations are between 30-60 minutes. 

Q-How long are weekly treatment visits?

A-Speech- 30 minutes.

A-Occupational therapy- 45-50 minutes.

Q- How long will my child be in services for?

A-Tough call! This is a case-by-case scenario. 

On average we ask parents to plan for a minimum of six months. Most often families are with us a year or more. 

It is important that we prepare families progress is measured in six-month increments. 

Therapy is a long-term investment in your child’s successful engagement in their occupations and communication skill sets. Some children will continue services beyond 12 months and continue to find benefit. Some children will meet all of their goals and discharge. Some families will decide to pause due to scheduling and resume at another time. 

Q- How does the reassessment process work?

A-Children are constantly being reassessed from session to session with goals updated or modified as a result of their interventions. Formal reassessment is completed upon request from parents after 12 months of intervention. 

Q- What should I know about scheduling? 

A-All appointments are scheduled at least weekly (minimum of one session per week). 

Some children benefit from services multiple times a week and this will be determined after meeting your child.

During the onboarding process our staff will do our best to find a weekly day and time which fits into your family’s schedule. This timeslot will be on-hold for your child for their ongoing sessions. In the event, the day/time no longer suits your needs we ask you to reach out and we will do our best to find a new day/time of the week for all future sessions. 

Q-What happens if my child’s therapist is out of office?

A-We will do our best to pair your child with another therapist in the same time slot whenever feasible. If scheduling does not permit, alternative weekly dates/times will be offered.

Q- Will a superbill be provided in the event my insurance is out-of-network


Q-Is there a cancellation policy to be aware of?

A-Yes, there is!

Cancellation- If you are unable to make a weekly visit of reschedule the visit within 7 days, a $35.00 fee will be charged to the card on file. 

No Call No Show:  A No call/ No Show is defined as: We have not heard from you within 15 minutes from the start of your visit OR if a therapist needs to contact you and you are unable to make your appointment as scheduled on that day. A No Call/ No Show visit will be charged a rate of $100 per visit. This will be charged to the card on file.

Q-Can academic tutoring be billed to my insurance?

A-Academic tutoring is not a medical service and therefore is only offered at a private pay rate. 

Q- What ages and skills are addressed in the tutoring program?

A- Our current program supports children ages three through 13-14 years old. Or preschool through 8th grade. Clients programs will be tailored individually to their strengths/weaknesses in the areas of reading/writing/spelling/mathematics. 

Q&A: Feature
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